Catch Basin Cleaning in Car Dealership

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The catch basin is one of the most important elements of your business, preventing debris from blocking your drainage pipes. This makes it critical to keeping your local waterways clear.
However, problems can arise when people fail to maintain their catch basin, as we recently saw at a car dealership. The staff hadn’t cleaned the unit regularly, which hindered its ability to trap debris and prevent flooding. The owner couldn’t remove the sediment, and this gave rise to foul odours and aesthetic issues. It also threatened to seriously damage the infrastructure.

Our Team for Premium Catch Basin Cleaning in Car Dealership Stepped in

The owner had to address the issue as soon as possible, so they contacted our trained contractors. Upon in-depth analysis, we determined the best solution was to snake the pipe. We twisted a coil into the basin, breaking up the obstruction and allowing water to flow freely. This job wasn’t too tricky, as our convenient hook helped us make light work of the blockage.
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Results of Our Catch Basin Cleaning in Car Dealership

The car dealership yielded tremendous benefits from our services. Their catch basin was once again free of blockages, meaning there was no risk of flood damage. On top of that, the water couldn’t flow into adjacent properties and cause significant harm.
This car dealership also has a parking lot. Leaving the clogged catch basin unattended could have flooded the area and necessitated costly hydro-flushing to remove the debris. In some cases, this is considered an emergency service, which is much more expensive than standard jobs.
Fortunately, the owners contacted us on time. We got rid of the obstruction to ensure no water could reach the parking lot. Plus, we recommended proper catch basin maintenance measures to help avoid future problems.
Catch Basin Cleaning
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