We Offer Catch Basin Cleaning Services in Scarborough

MT Catch Basin has been offering thorough catch basin cleaning in Scarborough since 1991.
Over time, catch basins may become clogged by fallen leaves and other plant matter that gets through the grate. We have the tools and experience to clean up all types of catch basins and give you more time to worry about things that matter. Contact your catch basin cleaning Scarborough experts for a quote.

Scarborough’s Top Storm Drain & Catch Basin Cleaning Experts

The crucial flood prevention measure for your home is keeping the storm drains adequately maintained. Most homeowners don’t have the equipment necessary to clean the catch basin entirely. Low-pressure hoses will only remove a relatively small layer of loose leaves and won’t be enough to deal with caked-on sludge deeper down the drain.
This is why it’s best to call professionals to perform catch basin cleaning. Scarborough residents can rely on us for a quick and cost-effective service year-round. Contact us and see for yourself why we’re the top cleaning experts in the area.

Keep Your Catch Basin Clear With Bi-Yearly Cleaning Paired With CCTV Drain Inspections

The best way to troubleshoot what’s wrong with a catch basin is to get in there and see the problem first-hand. Our state-of-the-art CCTV equipment allows us to assess the source and extent of the issues. Fallen leaves, asphalt particles, or other debris can clog up a catch basin and slow down water drainage.
Our recommendation is to clean catch basins at least every six months. Storm drain inspections might need to be more frequent depending on nearby trees or construction. Additional factors, such as elevation or weather, can play a role in how often a catch basin needs to be cleaned out.

Our Hydro Flushing Can Tackle the Toughest Catch Basin Clog

Home pumps and hoses are often not powerful enough to dissolve hardened clogs deep down the catch basin. Renting out such expensive equipment comes at a cost, and you still have to get someone to handle it expertly. Modern hydro flushing pumps can be devastating to the yard if misused, so we don’t recommend them to inexperienced homeowners.
We have top-of-the-line hydro flushing equipment capable of removing hardened storm drain clogs, which may happen after a particularly rough storm or due to infrequent maintenance. Don’t hesitate to call us for even the most challenging catch basin cleaning. Scarborough residences are our areas of expertise and we won’t let you down.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Catch Basin Cleaning Appointment.

We work almost every day of the year, from 8 AM to 8PM, and can handle whatever nature throws our way. Our professional-grade equipment and trained personnel can solve any problem with catch basins and storm drains. We have experience with houses or apartment buildings, schools, plazas, parking lots, garages, and more. If you have a catch basin, we can clean it.
Small issues can quickly turn into severe hazards. Flood prevention is the most crucial safety measure for Scarborough homes. Call MT Catch Basin if you encounter any water drainage problems around your home.