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We Offer Catch Basin Cleaning Services in East York

Since 1991, MT Catch Basin has been providing East York residents with professional catch basin cleaning services. We have a team of specialists with the training and experience needed to offer you the services that promise to extend the longevity of your basins. We can also offer you maintenance services that will inspect and clean your storm drains and catch basins bi-annually—ideally in the spring and fall. Whatever service you need, MT Catch Basin is the go-to source for professional, prompt, and reliable catch basin and storm drain cleaning services.

East York’s Top Storm Drain & Catch Basin Cleaning Experts

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At MT Catch Basin, we adopt a holistic approach when implementing our flood prevention measures. Over the years, we have continued to increase our efforts, providing our customers with the best cleaning services around.
Backed by decades of experience, our long list of satisfied customers proves how effective our services are. Furthermore, we continuously perfect our processes, ensuring that they align with the ever-changing needs of our customers.
Today, residents turn to us when they need to install, repair, or replace their storm drains and catch basins.

Parking Lots

If your catch basin becomes clogged, the parking lot can quickly overflow with water. If you leave to water to sit, it can become a health hazard.
To prevent this, get in touch with us and let our experts clean your catch basin. Thanks to our experience, expertise, and tools, we can do the most competent job.

Underground Parking Lots

While underground parking lots prove an excellent example of urban planning, they are also challenging structures to protect from floods.
However, with the right team, cleaning the drain of your underground parking lot is straightforward. Reach out to us and let our technicians provide you with the necessary services you need.

Apartment Buildings

We understand that a functional basin acts as one of the factors that determine your apartment’s value. As such, we remain committed to ensuring that your building’s drainage works as it should all year round. We have the expertise and advanced techniques to take care of an extensive array of apartment building drain cleaning.

Plazas Cleaning

If your plaza has high foot traffic, you might experience a quicker accumulation of garbage. Hiring a company that offers you professional and effective drain cleaning services is vital in such a case. Avoid worrying about a pool of sitting water. Contact MT Catch Basin today and let us clean your plaza’s drains.

Schools Catch Basin

Many consider the drainage systems of most schools as old and complex. Therefore, to effectively prevent floods, you will need a company that can handle the several catch basins schools utilize to accommodate rainwater and more.
From drain cleaning to inspection and maintenance, MT Catch Basin has got you covered.

We Can Tackle It All

Common Locations We Services

Besides offering our services to East York residents, we also provide residents in Vaughan, Markham, Toronto, Newmarket, and Richmond Hill with valuable assistance. If you reside in these locations, we can provide you with access to solutions that will tackle any catch basin and storm drain issue you experience.

“Keep Your Catch Basin Clear With Bi-Yearly Cleaning Paired With CCTV Drain Inspections”

Several factors will determine how often you should clean and maintain your storm drain. Some of these factors include your catch basin’s design and your area’s weather and topography.
However, most experts recommend that you should clean your catch basin twice a year. As such, you should consider scheduling cleaning and maintenance every six months.
When looking for a company in East York that can offer you those services, look no further than MT Catch Basin. We utilize advanced tools and techniques like CCTV inspection to ensure that no issue with your drain pipes goes undetected.

Water Pooling? We Can Help

Why the People of East York Choose Us

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At MT Catch Basin, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide all our customers with high-quality catch basin cleaning services. Therefore, we only work with expertly trained technicians who approach all tasks, whether simple or complex, with utmost professionalism.
On top of this, we use cutting-edge technologies such as power flushing, vacuum extraction, hydro jetting, and Vactor flushing. These advanced technologies help us ensure that we provide you with the solutions you need to resolve whatever issue you face.
These are some of the reasons why our customers continue to turn to MT Catch Basin.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Catch Basin Cleaning Appointment

We aim to always be ready and available to help our customers resolve their catch basin frustrations, providing them with quality service at affordable rates.
Reach out to us today to schedule your catch basin cleaning or tell us about the problem you have with your storm drain. Using your description of the problem, we will give you an estimate. After your approval, we will immediately dispatch our skilled technicians to your East York property.
Schedule your appointment by calling our support team at (647) 372-5326. Let us offer you the catch basin cleaning services you need.