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We Offer Catch Basin Cleaning Services

Unlike the drains inside dwellings, catch basins or storm drains do not carry household dirty water. Their primary purpose is to collect the excess water of rainstorms or snowmelt for moving into the drainage system, eventually leading to a natural waterway such as a lake, river, or ocean.

A catch basin’s metal grate serves as filtration for all kinds of debris, including leaves, sticks, and trash.

When clogged, the affected catch basin will require professional cleaning to restore its functionality. And for that and more, MT Catch Basin offers high-quality catch basin cleaning services for residential and commercial properties at reasonable rates.

Catch Basin Cleaning Pros

Why Choose Our Experts to Clean Your Storm Drains?

When hiring a professional storm drain cleaning provider, it’s essential to know what to expect. We believe that it is our duty to provide top of the line catch basin cleaning service to every customer.
Our technicians are licensed and trained in using the most advanced technologies such as Vactor flushing, vacuum extraction, power flushing, and hydro jetting. Perhaps more importantly, they are willing and ready to solve any challenge standing in the way.
Even if it’s just a visual inspection of the storm drain, they’ll approach it with professionalism and advise you on how to maintain it. Our technicians will know what to do even in the face of the most complicated problems.

“Biyearly Maintenance Is Key to Preserve Your Catch Basin.”

It is incumbent on everyone who has a storm drain on their property to take care of storm drain maintenance. The regularity will depend on several factors.
The area’s topography, weather, and catch basin design all play a significant role. Also of concern are the maintenance history and the general condition of the drain.
In most cases, however, biannual catch basin maintenance is the norm, so you might want to schedule an inspection every six months or so.

We Can Tackle It All

Common Locations We Services

Catch basins play an important role in keeping the streets of the wider Toronto area dry.

For those who live in Toronto, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, and Newmarket, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’re experiencing trouble with your storm drain. We will inspect your home or commercial property’s drainage and sewer system and give you an accurate diagnosis.

The best time to have your catch basins checked is right before the winter when fallen leaves and dirt accumulate. But we’re ready to tackle catch basin cleaning at any time of year in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

Parking Lots

The catch basin is a property owner’s first line of defense against flooding after heavy rain or snow. For a business owner, the parking lot where your customers park can quickly become overflowed with water if the catch basin is clogged.
Leave your parking lot drain cleaning to trained technicians, such as those at MT Catch Basin, who have all the necessary equipment to do the most competent job.
A flooded parking lot is a headache, to say the least. It makes it more difficult for cars to drive through and if the water sits for too long, it can quickly become a hazard and develop an odour.

Underground Parking Lots

An underground parking lot is a great example of urban planning. However, it’s also one of the most challenging structures to protect from floods. A functional drainage system is essential to ensure that water doesn’t collect in a sump and damage the parking lot.
Underground parking lot drain cleaning can be a complicated process, but not so much when the right team is deployed.
Our team of technicians is more than capable of performing regular checks to prevent flooding in the first place. And if it happens, they have the right skills and equipment to get you back on dry ground.

Apartment Buildings

Cleaning an apartment complex’s catch basin may require advanced techniques only possible with a team of trained plumbers. Unsurprisingly, these multi-unit structures often run into a slow catch basin.
But just as there is no one cause, there is no one solution for all. Even then, there is nothing that our company’s array of apartment building drain cleaning services cannot take care of.
We’ll make sure that the drainage system works as it’s designed to work throughout the year. An owner’s apartment value may depend on a functional catch basin, among other things, and we’re here to support it.


Plazas with high pedestrian traffic areas are particularly prone to littering and the attendant accumulation of garbage. In the fall, they’re also covered in leaves and mud, a problematic combination.
Owners and managers must take preventative measures against flooding and hire a company that can provide high-quality and effective plaza drain cleaning services. The best way to maintain dry walkways and plazas is through regular inspections and drain maintenance.
And that’s a specialty of our experienced team of technicians. Rather than worrying about a pool of sitting water, order us to clean your plaza drains today.


School drainage systems are often complex and several decades old. A school has a playground and other outdoor facilities equipped with catch basins to accommodate rainwater and more.
Regardless of the problem, schools are one of the properties that we tend to regularly.
We can carry out school drain cleaning as needed or take charge of the often more effective preventative measures like inspection and maintenance. The installation of new catch basins and other repairs are not outside of our purview either. Whether it’s a standard check-up or a more complicated problem, you can confidently leave it to us.

Stormwater Catch Basin

Hiring stormwater catch basin cleaning services is the most effective way to avoid drainage issues. Tree roots, leaves, and garbage can clog your catch basin with disastrous effects. If a storm hits, flooding and substantial damage are inevitable.
If you want to prepare your stormwater basin for the rainy season, reach out to Catch Basin GTA. We’ll first perform a video inspection to determine the extent of the blockage. The next step will be to remove the clog with advanced tools, returning your drain to its former condition.
We are renowned for efficient catch basin cleaning services. Give us a call, and we won’t let you down.

Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Catch Basin Cleaning

If you’re not sure whether your storm drain requires cleaning, may we suggest that you keep an eye on several symptoms. To begin with, standing or slow-draining rainwater is an obvious sign.
Other clues include foul odours and sagging land or concrete. Should you notice any of these signs, make sure to contact us immediately and schedule a catch basin cleaning.
We’ll give you an estimate on the same day based on your description of the problem. Our skilled technicians will rush over to help you in your time of need.

Finding And Tackling The Problem

We Offer CCTV Drain Inspection to Identify Problems Before They Materialize

Storm drains installation, repair, and maintenance all require professional services. It’s not just about having the right experts to do the job well and fast, although that would perfectly describe our strengths.
It’s also about having the advanced gear and techniques needed to deliver the best overall service. In that sense, we’re happy to tell you that we offer CCTV inspection of drain pipes for problem detection and identification.
In the hands and eyes of skilled technicians, CCTV drain inspection offers the most accurate assessment so you don’t have to worry about revisiting the problem later.

Learn Why We Are The Best

Offering the Best Storm Drain Cleaning in Toronto

As our business grew over the years, so has the demand for our services. That only made us redouble our efforts on providing the best catch basin cleaning services.
We welcome the industry’s fierce competition and proudly help the residents of Toronto every single day. Our company has changed along with our communities and their needs, and for the better, we might add.
If you only need us to take a look at your storm drain and tell you if there’s a problem, that’s exactly what we’ll do. And if you need the best storm drain cleaning service in Toronto, call us and we’ll be there in short order.

Clogged Parking Lot Drain? Call Us Today

Parking Lot Drain Cleaning

The drain is an integral part of your parking lot. It collects debris and waste materials to prevent your lot from overflowing. It also safeguards against ice that significantly increases the risk of accidents.
But the water has nowhere to go if the drain isn’t working correctly or the debris build-up is so extensive that it blocks your outlet pipe. It will exit the drain, flood the area, and cause considerable structural damage.
For this reason, keeping your parking lot drain clean is paramount. It ensures your drain is free from blockages and fully functional.

Why Have Your Catch Basin Cleaned?

Catch basin cleaning is something that most home and business owners would rather not worry about. However, that can have hazardous consequences.
Branches and leaves and debris, pretty much anything that collects around the catch basin after a storm can lead to blockage. Garbage and even cement and mortar accumulation can lead to severe storm drain clogging too.
Unless properly maintained, a storm drain is liable to cause water overflow and even flooding. The possibility of property damage is high, add to that the potential health risks of water contamination.

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Call Us Today and Get Your Catch Basins Treated Right

Our mission is to be there for every customer confronting the stress and prospect of catch basin cleaning. Our philosophy is to provide only the best service at affordable rates.
Give us a call today and tell us all about the problem with your storm drain, or send us an email instead, if you prefer. Over phone or email, you can describe the type of service required and we’ll give you a quote and wait for your approval before we start work.