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How often do you clean your storm drains? If you can’t remember the last time, then the process is likely overdue.

Storm drains are part of a sophisticated operation that ensures all the rainstorm water is safely delivered into the city’s drainage system.

However, storm drains often get clogged because of mud, garbage, tree branches, and a whole array of items that pass through the grates.

Home and business owners should ensure that storm drain cleaning is performed regularly to avoid flooding and any extensive damage to their property.

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Clogged Storm Drain Repair

Storm drains, or catch basins, are incredibly handy during the storm season. They are designed not to get in the way, so they tend not to be noticed by property owners as much.
In fact, the storm drains only get attention when there’s a water build-up, at which point you need to call the experts. Aside from mud, twigs, and pebbles, storm drains accumulate other inorganic items as well.
Homeowners should do what they can to prevent clogging by cleaning out the grate as often as possible. But if the clogging occurs, call MT Catch Basin to de-clog the storm drain.

Our Hydro Flushing Services Tackle the Toughest Storm Drain Clogs

Hydro flushing is a cleaning technique that will remove even the most stubborn clogs. MT Catch Basin uses flexible hoses and pumps to send high-pressure water streams down the storm drains.
These blockages are broken up and re-directed, thus flushing them completely. However, before we start the procedure, it’s imperative to inspect the storm drain and understand what is causing the blockage.
There are many benefits to using hydro flushing services by MT Catch Basin. It’s a cost-effective, environmentally safe, and chemical-free solution to storm drain cleaning. Plus, it helps with the overall maintenance of the storm drain.

Why The People Of Toronto Choose Us

Why We Are the Top Choice for Storm Drain Cleaning in Toronto

Toronto area residents should be aware that we are the best choice when it comes to storm drain cleaning. We’re not just saying that – our experience and countless satisfied clients attest to it as well.

We take a holistic approach to all flood prevention and can tackle any task, no matter how challenging. Some companies may take a look at a storm drain clogging situation and declare it unsolvable.

Not MT Catch Basin, though. We always find a solution. Even though our most popular services include installing, repairing, and replacing storm drains, we offer so much more to our clients.

Offering CCTV Inspection to Help Identify Issues With Your Sewer Before They Arise

Often, you can’t tell how big the problem is without getting a closer look. When it comes to storm drain cleaning, that’s not always an easy thing to do.
Due to their construction and design, catch basins are not very accessible. That is why CCTV inspection can provide the insight we need to understand how to approach the issue.
MT Catch Basin has qualified technicians that can use CCTV equipment to assess the problem and identify the solution. This strategy ensures that it’s much less likely you’ll ever have to revisit this problem later.

Maintaince Helps Reduce Odds You Will Need Expensive Repairs

Schedule Your Bi-Yearly Storm Drain Cleaning Today

Storm drain cleaning is necessary, whether you do it preventatively or because you’re dealing with a flood. Toronto area residents should be especially careful about their storm drains in the springtime after the snow melts.
This is the perfect opportunity to call MT Catch Basin and schedule a cleaning of your catch basin. Ideally, it would be best if you did this twice a year.
That way, you’ll almost certainly avoid unnecessary clogs and messes. Contact us today, and we’ll be there in no time to assess the situation and expediently deliver professional catch basin cleaning services.

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Why Choose MT Catch Basin for Your Storm Drain Maintenance

Why are we the top choice in Toronto for storm drain maintenance? Because we don’t leave site until the work is done and everything is in perfect order.
It’s not just about delivering the functionality of your storm drain, although it’s our primary goal. We care about how everything looks as well, and presentability is a part of our service.
MT Catch Basin professionals listen to clients and want to ensure their storm drains never have to be the cause of the flood on the street or their property.
When a customer calls us, a prompt response is our priority, as we understand the urgency of standing water and clogged storm drains.

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Does your storm drain require cleaning? Contact us today for a free quote. Send us a message with your personal info, and we’ll get back to you the same day.
You can also call us on (647) 372-5326 and ask any questions about catch basin installation, repair, and maintenance. We’re happy to tell you everything you need to know.
MT Catch Basin team understands that our clients might be reaching out with great concern about the process and the cost.
We assure you that we’re here to help and will give you an accurate and cost-effective quote.